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Fill out the form below to let us know what items you want in your bag. If you want multiples of a certain bag item, please list (i.e. basil x2). Please add 3 sub choices in case we are out of an item.

**If you are ordering more than one bag, please fill out a form for each bag. If each bag has the same contents, you can just put a quantity of 2 or however many you want. If you want to add specials or additional products, please go to the home page and click on the items to add them to your cart. For example, if you fill out your form for 2 bags and you click to add a pumpkin to your order, it will add two pumpkins. If you go to the homepage, and select a special item, it will add 1 to your order and not 2 while still giving you two bag orders.

After you submit your bag order, you will receive a confirmation of your order and the items you selected. You must pickup your bag at the pickup location you selected at the pickup time listed on our pickup locations page.

Additional Products

We offer a variety of other products to enhance your bag. Add them to your order and we will deliver with your bag this week.

Tropicana Lettuce

Organic Cantaloupe

Organic Frozen Strawberries

Organic Basil – 1 oz

Organic Bibb Lettuce

Organic Baby Romaine

Organic Baby Kale

Organic Spring Mix

RAW Local Honey

Organic Frozen Raspberries

Wild Frozen Blueberries