Our Story


Kerri Gober lives in Canton, Georgia with her husband, three active children and a loving black lab named Wiley.  Kerri’s passion for family and healthy lifestyle led her from nursing studies at Kennesaw State University and into natural childbirth class instruction before becoming involved with CSA’s. “I’ve always had a vision of a business that would bring the farmer and consumer together. Farm to Fork was born from an idea that will facilitate that connection.”



Kerri is very excited about Farm to Fork and hopes that it will help others become educated about food, cooking and how affordable it can actually be. “I believe good health is directly linked to a good diet. I’ve been passionate about sharing healthy recipes with friends and new moms in my community for many years.” The family enjoys spending time outdoors together, and Kerri loves diving into a good book.
Please contact Kerri at 404-234-7203 or email her.