Q. Do you charge a membership fee?

A. We do not charge a membership or CSA fee at Farm to Fork.  Farm to Fork is a unique CSA that does not require a weekly, monthly, yearly membership.  You simply order when you want.  We don’t think you should be locked into buying for any extended period. Life happens and you don’t always need to order. We get that.

Q. Do I have to order every week?

A. Never.  You order when you want.  Life happens and you don’t always need to order. We get that.

Q. When do I pick up my bag?

A. Bags are packed and sent to the drop site you requested on Wednesdays unless otherwise noted. You will receive an email if the drop date is changed (inclement weather, etc.).  All orders have to be placed by Tuesday at 10AM to ensure that you will receive a bag.  Check the Pickup page to see what time to pickup your bag as some drop sites have different pickup times.

Q. When can I order my bag?

A.  Each Saturday, we post a menu on the website with all the produce that will be available for the week.  We also send out a weekly newsletter that contains the menu.  You can order each week from Saturday to Tuesday at 10AM unless otherwise noted.

Q. I forgot to pick up my bag.  What happens to it?

A. You must pick up your bags during scheduled pick up hours for your pickup location. If bags are not picked up, they will be donated. No refunds or replacements will be offered.

Q. I ordered sweet potatoes but they are not in my bag. Instead I received yukon potatoes.  Why?

A. We cannot guarantee that you will always get what you ask for.  We ask for 3 sub items in addition for each bag that you order just in case we run into circumstances beyond our control (transportation issues, items damaged en route or crop failure). We may need to offer replacement items of similar variety.

Q. How do I know when a new menu comes out each week?

A. The weekly menu will be posted on the website every Saturday morning and if you joined our newsletter, you will receive a weekly email on Saturday morning telling you what’s on the menu for that week. To join the weekly newsletter, just click here.

Q. Do you sell meat, cheese, eggs and milk?

A. We do not sell meat, cheese, eggs and milk at this time.  We know some pretty awesome farms that do so let us know if you need those items and we can put in touch with some local farmers.

Q. The website is not working. I can’t seem to order my bag.  How do I place an order?

A.  Occasionally the website will not work or will have some glitch beyond our control.  If so, please just email us your order and we will be happy to invoice you and prepare your bag.  We never want you to miss out!

Q. Will I receive a confirmation for my order?

A. You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your order. We do not call or email to confirm orders.  Your email receipt is confirmation your order went through.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. The best way to reach us is by phone: (404) 234-7203.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Perishable goods such as food cannot be returned. However, if something in your bag was less than perfect (damaged, wrotten, etc.) please let us know and we will gladly refund you for that item or add a FREE item to your bag in your next order. Your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within two weeks.

Q. What is considered local?

A. Here at Farm to Fork we consider “local” within a 250 mile radius. During the off-season/winter we will pull from farther family farms but will remain at least 50% regional or local.